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Love You To Death (+free smut)

Title: Love You To Death
Author: ilsea_leatita
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Boysex!
Parings: Nate/Alex
Summary: Alex is driving home for a family reunion when the voice of his high school love comes on the radio
Disclaimer: This never happened. I own nothing.
Author's Note: I have written two short stories and didn’t want to post them separately since the second is only 326 words and the first only 958 words. The first is based off of the song “Love You To Death” by Kill Hannah and the second is just boysex, to be honest I just liked the boysexing short I wrote and wanted to tack it onto the end of my vaguely legitimate story because I liked it so much. It’s kinda like here’s a short story, have some smut for free! Anyway comments and concrit and more than welcome enjoy!:D

Love You To DeathCollapse )Free Smut!Collapse )

To Die By Your Side Is Such A Heavenly Way To Die

Title: To Die By Your Side Is Such A Heavenly Way To Die
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: character death and sexual activites
Part: 1/1
Parings: Gabe/William, Victoria/Ryland, Alex/Nate
It’s the end of the world, no one knows what anyone’s fighting for but the bombs are coming for everyone and they’re running out of time.
Disclaimer: This never happened. I own nothing.
Author's Note:
This took me forever to write but I really enjoyed writing it, which just made me all the more determined to finish the damn thing. Title stolen from The Smiths. Kind of wanted to post something for Gabe's big 3-0. Sorry for any spelling mistakes!




To die by your side, well the pleasure and privilage is mine...Collapse )</div>

A Winters Day

Title:  A Winters Day

Rating: PG (purely for swears)
Pairing: Alex Suarez/Nate Novarro
Nate moves to a new city, some people are hostile, others are much more welcoming.

Disclaimer: This never happened. I don’t own anyone.
Author's Note: In a desperate attempt to reacquaint myself with my muse I wrote this (which was originally the start of a longer story but then didn’t fit as is the way). Anyway constructive crit and comments are always welcome! Enjoy:D


A Winter's DayCollapse )

The Ghost Of You

Title: The Ghost of You
Chapter: S/A
Rating: NC-17
Paring: Alex/Nate
Warning: Character Death/Suicide
Summary: To Nate Alex is perfect and all he wants is to make Alex happy but lately he’s finding this an increasingly hard feat.
Disclaimer: This did not happen. I do not own Nate or Alex or Ryland.
Authors Note: Title credit goes to My Chemical Romance. This took my forever to finish because I wrote 3/4’s of it then it took me ages to get back into the right fluffy mindset anyway here’s a fluffy story, constructive crit and comments are more than welcome:)


The Ghost Of YouCollapse )



Lose Yourself, Lose Control

Title: Lose yourself, lose control.

Rating: NC-17
Part: 1/1
Paring: Nate/Alex
Summary: Sometimes you don’t realise you want something so much until you get it.
Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge this never happened though I have no way to find out such things but really it probably didn’t as much as I wish it did and I don’t own either of them they belong to themselves.
Author's Note: Title credit goes to Midtown. Felt the need to post something in celebration of the fact my copy of Hot Mess finally came today (fuck the UK (but I did get Griller yay!)) so celebration smut! This doesn’t have a plot, if I said it did I really would be lying, it’s pretty much pure boysexing. Comments and concrit are more than welcome:) Enjoy!


Lose Yourself, Lose ControlCollapse )


Can you see my heart now?

Title: Can you see my heart now?
Chapter: S/A.
Rating: PG-13.
Pairing: Nate Novarro/Alex Suarez.
Summary: Nate would be perfectly happy if the only people in the world where just him and Alex.
Disclaimer: I like to think Nate and Alex have secret couple getaways to London but they probably don't and if they do I don't know anything about it so this never happend and I don't own either of them.
Author's Notes: I realised the other day I have a lot of half finished Nalex's lying around so my new aim is to finish the damn things. I stole the title from Cobra Starship because that is who I was listening too when I finished this. Constructive crit and general comments are very much welcome:)


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10 songs drabble meme

Title: Ten Drabbles meme
Author: [info]ilsea_leatita
No.1-9 PG-13 for language/kissing, No.10 NC-17 for abuse/rape.
Pairings: 6 Nate/Alex, 1 Gabe/William, 1 Ryland/Alex, 1 Gabe/Alex, 1 William Beckett/Pat Brown. 
Summary: Ten song-inspired drabbles.
Disclaimer: No one owned by me, none of this happened
Author Notes: I cheated a little because some of the songs were really short. Okay I cheated quite a lot.

10 Songs Meme:
1.) Pick a character/pairing/fandom.
2.) Put your music on shuffle.
3.) Write a drabble related to the song. You have from the time the song starts until it ends to write.
4.) Do ten and post!

Diamond Girl...Collapse )

(no subject)

Title: The Richest Kids
POV: Alex
Author's Note: Title stolen from This Is Ivy League.

Rating: Just some kisses
Paring: Nate/Alex
Summary: They’ve got nothing but each other and a bottle of cheap wine.
Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge this never happened.



The Richest KidsCollapse )
Summer Chill
Author:  ilsea_leatita 
Rating: Completely innocent...
Paring: Nate/Alex
Summary: Short and sweet (that’s the best I could do...) 
Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge this never happened.
Author's Note: Just a drabble that I wrote while listening to This Is Ivy League.




A Summer ChillCollapse )


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