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Title: The Richest Kids
POV: Alex
Author's Note: Title stolen from This Is Ivy League.

Rating: Just some kisses
Paring: Nate/Alex
Summary: They’ve got nothing but each other and a bottle of cheap wine.
Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge this never happened.



I handed Nate the bottle of cheap wine, swapping it for the cigarette in his hand. He took a swig, wincing at the bitterness; I took a quick drag of the smoke before handing it back to him so he could cover the aftertaste of the wine. The sunset pooled around us, somehow highlighting the smudges of dirt on his cheek and the grime under my fingernails. I examined myself for a second and sighed as I pulled a thread from the growing hole in the knee of my jeans. Looking up I caught Nate's eye, he tilted his head to the side, exhaling smoke.

"Stop it," he muttered, turning towards the sun, it lit him up, the pink and orange softening as the rays hit his face, it was breathtaking.

I slipped my glasses off and wiped the grime away with my dusty shirt. When I put them back on Nate was almost invisible lying back in the long grass, I could only see his hand wrapped around the neck of the wine bottle, the wooden bracelet I'd won at a carnival a month ago hanging chipped and grubby around his wrist.

I reached out to pull on the dirty string, running it over my fingers when Nate curled his fingers round my wrist, warm and smooth he stroked my pulse for a second before pulling me towards him. I fell awkwardly on top of him, knocking over the wine in the process, the red liquid spread out over the grass beside us but I ignored it as Nate slipped a hand behind my head and pulled me down, pressing his lips to mine. He tangled his fingers in my hair as I ran a hand over his stomach, the sunset beating down on the back of my neck was cool compared to Nate's mouth, his tongue bitter from the wine and cigarette, the long grass tickling any exposed flesh as I dragged a thumb over his protruding hip bone, revealing in the warmth radiating from his skin.

I pulled away slowly, leaving my lips an inch away from Nate's, waiting for the simple kiss he always gave me after any physical contact, this time his breath danced over my mouth for a whole minute before he whispered something, his face expressionless.

"I don't know why you worry about being poor so much; we haven't got it that bad."

I couldn't help the corners of my mouth turning up in a smile as he kissed me.

"To be honest," I lowered my voice, just in case someone was hiding in the long grass around us, "I feel pretty rich."

Nate doesn't smile but his eyes look warmer before he kisses me again.


Summer Chill
Author:  ilsea_leatita 
Rating: Completely innocent...
Paring: Nate/Alex
Summary: Short and sweet (that’s the best I could do...) 
Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge this never happened.
Author's Note: Just a drabble that I wrote while listening to This Is Ivy League.




Nate stares up at the sun, he can't help glaring at it, even in the shade he's uncomfortably hot but he can't search for a place with air conditioning yet so he just adjusts his sunglasses though they slip back down his nose again almost immediately and leans back against the tree he's taken shelter under.


They weren't actually his glasses but he figures Alex won't mind that much, he never seemed to before when his shirts went missing...or his underwear.


He licks his dry lips and closes his eyes, somewhere in the distance someone is playing Jimmy Eat World through tinny speakers and he focuses on the summer soundtrack, hoping it will distract him from the heat while he waits. It works; he's too focused on the music to notice the soft footsteps coming across the grass towards him.


"Are those my sunglasses?"


Nate opens his eyes, staring up at Alex; he's wearing sunglasses but also a hoodie and its black. Nate thinks Alex must be insane but he's also blocking out the sun where he's standing and though he knows it's just his imagination he still feels a little cooler because of it.


"What?" Nate kind of likes not having to tip the sunglasses down too see Alex properly.


Alex bites his lip, trying to hide the smile growing on his lips.


"Nothing," he mutters and sits down next to Nate, leaning back so he's as close to Nate as he can get, their shoulders pressed together.


Nate turns to look at Alex's profile through the damp hair slicked over his eyes. Alex looks remarkably fresh, his hair isn't wet and stuck to his forehead like Nate's and there's no droplets of sweat dripping down his face, Nate can't help but notice his glasses aren't slipping down his nose. He chews on his bottom lip wondering what the secret to suave is as Alex finds Nate’s hand, entwining their fingers. Nate's hand is damp with sweat, their fingers slip apart so he has to grip harder than usual but Alex's skin is refreshingly cool, it's a small relief for Nate, maybe he doesn't need air conditioning. The warmth radiating from Nate's palm is soothing instead of uncomfortable as Alex runs his thumb over Nate's, squeezing softly.


"That's my shirt isn't it?" he asks smirking.


"What?" Nate returns the squeeze.


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