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10 songs drabble meme

Title: Ten Drabbles meme
Author: [info]ilsea_leatita
No.1-9 PG-13 for language/kissing, No.10 NC-17 for abuse/rape.
Pairings: 6 Nate/Alex, 1 Gabe/William, 1 Ryland/Alex, 1 Gabe/Alex, 1 William Beckett/Pat Brown. 
Summary: Ten song-inspired drabbles.
Disclaimer: No one owned by me, none of this happened
Author Notes: I cheated a little because some of the songs were really short. Okay I cheated quite a lot.

10 Songs Meme:
1.) Pick a character/pairing/fandom.
2.) Put your music on shuffle.
3.) Write a drabble related to the song. You have from the time the song starts until it ends to write.
4.) Do ten and post!


Something Corporate- Punk Rock Princess –Gabe/William

Gabe lies back in the grass, the long stalks making sure all he can really see is the moon but he can sense William’s presence next to him and he knows the boy has got his long underage fingers wrapped around the bottle of tequila he brought with him. And William’s talking, babbling actually, Gabe can only hear half of what he says but he would swear he was listening even though his eyelids are heavy and he can feel them closing. William’s voice becomes just another whisper in the field but Gabe still swears to himself that he’s listening intently, the boys voice is a very different whisper, he knows everything he’s saying already anyway.

Gabe sighs softly, feeling his breathing slow as he drifts off. Suddenly there’s a hand pressed against his chest, callused fingertips resting against his shirt and warm, alcohol soaked lips on his. His eyelids flicker open and all he can see now is William’s long eyelashes as William opens his mouth to deepen the kiss and slip his tongue in to meet Gabe’s. At this something stutters in Gabe’s chest and echoes in his mind, he wants this but not just yet. This isn’t the time or place for William so Gabe pulls away as best he can in his position.

“What?” William asks and he sounds slightly put out.

“Not now,” Gabe mutters against William’s mouth before the boys warmth is suddenly miles away.

William sits with his back to him like an angry cat and Gabe feels suitably shunned but smiles gently, sitting up so he can lean forward and move William’s hair so he can place a quick kiss on the boy’s neck.

“Later,” Gabe whispers and he senses William understands as the boys shoulders relax and he lies back down in the grass, his hand finding the tequila again.


Harry & the Potters- Problem Solving Skillz –Nate/Alex

“How are we going to get out of this mess?” Alex asked as he and Nate stared at the state of Gabe’s bedroom.

Nate shrugged, digging his hands in his pockets; it felt weird to be wearing clothes after a week without them.

“I guess this wasn’t really the best time to start experimenting with food in the bedroom,” Nate looked at his boyfriend out of the corner of his eye.

“I think you might be right,” Alex replied as he wondered how they’d managed to get chocolate sauce on the walls, “but that revelation doesn’t exactly help us right now.”

Nate glanced around the room wondering how on earth they were getting to get Gabe’s bedroom tidy before he came home, luckily in their week of house sitting they hadn’t spent much time in any other rooms so they didn’t have anything else to worry about. This was a very dull silver lining considering the state of the bedroom. His gaze eventually fell upon a book that was lying on the bedside table that he could have sworn wasn’t there a few seconds ago. He picked it up, turning it over in his hands, there didn’t seem to be any writing on the cover at all but it was far heavier than it looked.

“I have a book,” Nate plastered on his brightest smile and waved it in Alex’s face.

“Very nice dear,” Alex said a hint of mocking in his voice, “Now seriously how are we going to get out of this mess?”

Nate flicked the book open; it fell open upon a page entitled House Cleaning Spells. Nate’s forehead creased in confusion as he scanned the page, the instructions were simple enough but incredibly strange.

“It’s got these weird words in it that are supposed to clean up mess,” Nate looked up at Alex, “why the hell does Gabe have this lying around?”

It was Alex’s turn to shrug, “joke present?” he replied, “What does it say?”

Nate turned a page, “There are diagrams on this page, apparently you’re supposed to wave some stick while saying Tergo-

Nate was interrupted when the bed exploded with a loud crack sending stuffing and shreds of material everywhere. Nate dropped the book hurriedly and turned to Alex who had fluff stuck in his hair as it rained what had previously been bedding.

“Let’s just run,” Alex suggested before turning out of the room and sprinting for the front door, Nate close behind.


A Rocket To The Moon -You Can Count On Me – Nate/Alex

Nate always forgets what it’s like to kiss Alex. The kisses are never all that memorable, for some reason he can’t think back and pick out any particularly brilliant moments that involved Alex’s mouth and his (though he can remember one really amazing time with Alex’s mouth and another part of his body). It’s not as if the kisses his boyfriend gives him aren’t meaningful, it’s the complete opposite, when Alex does actually kiss him he remembers all the reasons he’s with him and everything he could compare Alex too (nothings ever quite good enough for him too vocalise). It’s a complete memory blank for Nate but he knows that it’s something special at least and while he can’t even remember the first time despite the fact that he pretended he did when Alex asked. It didn’t matter that he lied as on that occasion it ended up with the older man pressing his lips to Nate’s and he remembered all over again why he fell in love with Alex.


Amy Studt- One Last Cigarette- Ryland/Alex

Ryland leans over Alex and places one last kiss on his lips. Alex responds gently as Ryland tries to drag the kiss out against his better judgement but its okay as long as he doesn’t go back on his word afterwards. Alex doesn’t want it all to end either, not really, but it has too and with that thought in the front of his mind he pulls away slightly, his lips still hovering beneath the other man’s.

“Make that last forever,” Alex whispers, his breath warm as Ryland breathes it in.

Ryland turns away quickly, maybe he was special after all but it doesn’t matter, there is too much Alex doesn’t want of him. He doesn’t look round, keeping his head down as he pulls on his clothes, taking his time when he wants to hurry up and get the fuck out. As he pulls on his old beaten leather jacket that was lying on Alex’s bedroom floor a packet of cigarettes falls out the pocket. He stares at them for a moment, forgetting why they were there in the first place but remembering as he bends down to pick them up. Turning them over in his hands he opens the half empty packet and throws them onto the bed, they land on Alex’s stomach.

Ryland smiles at him before turning away and heading out of the man’s apartment.

Why not quit two bad habits at once?


 Blink 182 –First Date – Alex/Nate

Alex placed one hand over his stomach as he rang the doorbell with the other.

The butterflies in his stomach had an awful lot of energy and they didn’t seem to be calming down at all as he heard the loud ding dong of the bell echo around Nate’s house. He ended up taking a few deep breaths when footsteps began approaching the door, though it didn’t open as soon as the footsteps stopped.

Alex let out a breath he hadn’t realised he was holding when Nate’s obvious hesitation flashed up negative thoughts in his mind.

What if he regrets saying yes to this date?

A second later the door in front of him swung open to reveal the man who had caused Alex such a sleepless night the day before, a bright but nervous grin plastered on his face.

“Ready?” Alex asked, keeping his voice steady.

“Yes,” Nate nodded a little too quickly, revealing his own nerves and as he did Alex felt his slide away.

An easy smile spread across his face as he slipped his hand into the younger mans and led him to his car, determined to make this the best first date of Nate’s life.


The Veronicas – Speechless –Alex/Nate

“I love you,”

Alex smiled down at Nate; he was lying on his side on the blanket they were sharing that was laid out on a patch of grass behind some venue.

Nate sat up quickly and choked on air, his cheeks growing redder with every cough as Alex just laughed at him spluttering.

“W-what?” Nate’s voice was barely a whisper when he eventually caught his breath.

“You heard me,” Alex grinned, lying down properly and pushing his sunglasses up his nose.

Nate just stared at him, oblivious to the fact his mouth was hanging open.

“I- I-“Nate’s words slipped away from him the second they entered his head.

“I know,” Alex’s words were punctuated by laughter and his grin didn’t falter as he sat up, taking off his glasses so he could see Nate properly.

Slipping his long fingers into Nate’s hair he pulled the other boy in for a short kiss. Nate’s eyes snapped shut instantly and stayed shut even after Alex had pulled away slightly.

“You can breathe now,” the older man whispered against his lips before pulling away completely.

Nate was certain he’d be blushing pretty hard right about now if it weren’t for the weird glowing feeling in his chest. He smiled and lay back down next to Alex.

“You okay?” he heard Alex ask beside him, his sunglasses back on.

“Yes,” Nate breathed, reaching down to entwine their fingers together.


Jimmy Eat World- Let It Happen –Nate/Alex

Alex heard another harsh laugh rise from the table on the opposite side of the room. He didn’t look over though he wanted nothing more than to do so, he could feel Nate’s hating stare burn into the back of his neck well enough without having to actually see it for himself.

Ryland appeared by his side with another set of beers in his hand, placing one in front of Alex as he sat down beside his friend.

“It’s just talk, you know none of its true,” he said in a low voice.

Alex nodded dully, taking a much needed swig of his drink.

“He can say whatever he wants, you have every right to do what you did, just laugh it off okay?” Ryland continued, placing a reassuring hand on Alex’s shoulder.

Alex nodded again, shaking his head as if trying to shake off the dark cloud hanging over him, maybe it was the beer or the presence of his best friend but it worked somewhat and he smiled slightly, it felt pretty forced but he felt a little better.

Sensing some sort of change, Ryland raised his own drink.

“To change?” Ryland said hesitantly.

Alex nodded, clinking bottles before downing his beer. It was going to be a long night.


Katy Perry- Waking Up In Vegas- William Beckett/Pat Brown

No where glittered as much as Vegas to William. The bright lights and bed sheets always marked the beginning of a special evening for him. It was the company more than anything that made it. It was the second half, the missing piece, the rest of him, his double, all that he was born without. They’d always meet in Vegas and be complete for just a few days hoping it would last while they parted and they wouldn’t always feel like something was wrong.

William picked up two identical drinks before walking over to the window, where the other boy was standing.

“You’re like my twin, you know,” William says, passing Pat a drink.

“You’re too narcissistic,” Pat laughed.


The Hush Sound- Weeping Willow- Nate/Alex

Alex shivered from the cold on his section of the wooden bench they’d decided to settle on for a minute. Nate had placed himself as far away from Alex as he possibly could, almost falling off the bench into one of the many piles of snow next to it.

It always felt like this when they were out; their feelings just couldn’t stick with the whole world present. Their bond felt weaker and cracked, their love a laughable mistake, out where everyone turned their judgemental eyes towards them if their touches lingered for more than a moment.

Nate closed his eyes, his damp eyelashes sticking together with snowflakes, he tried to remember the night previous and the words Alex had whispered to him then. He expected to be as filled with warmth at the recollection as he had been when his lover had said them originally but they felt stiff and empty out here in the real world.

“Can we go home?” Nate’s teeth chattered as he spoke, “please?”

Alex nodded, standing up. Nate followed suit, replacing Alex’s footsteps with his own as they walked the short journey back to their apartment.

Later, when he removed the now warm coats and gloves from the radiator he felt Alex come up behind him, arms snaking round his waist. Alex nuzzled his boyfriend’s ear and whispered what he did the night before.

“I would die for your kiss.”

At home, in their own little sanctuary, this sends shivers down Nate’s spine.


Vicky T- I want you dead – Gabe/Alex

Sharp teeth caught the top of Alex’s ear, ripping harshly at the skin. He felt blood trickle down his neck as Gabe licked away the liquid with a practiced tongue.

“What...the...fuck...Gabe!?!” Alex tried to push the older man off of him, finding it hard to speak as Gabe shoved his hand violently into his boyfriends face.

“Fucking fucker,” Gabe gasped, his words slurred, cutting his own palm as Alex’s glasses smashed against his hand.

Alex gasped in pain, twisting his head away from Gabe afraid to open his eyes. Gabe took advantage of the other mans slackened grip on his limbs, twisting his arm and spinning him around to pin him against the wall.

“Gabe!” Alex gasped desperately, his forehead creased in confusion.

He got no reply except a flash of silver. Letting out a strangled cry of shock he struggled violently as Gabe repeatedly hissed “fucking whore,” in his ear.

He couldn’t stop the howl of pain when Gabe dug the short knife into his back, dragging it down, he felt his knees buckle beneath him but Gabe held him steady, his own clothes soaked in Alex’s blood.

“Why?” Alex whispered, no longer struggling as he felt his ripped shirt stick to his back, blood pouring from his wound.

Gabe grabbed the back of his head, slamming it into the wall so Alex’s bitten ear was right by his mouth.

“Fucking whore!” Gabe repeated, louder this time.

Alex could only half feel his jeans being removed and his boxers pulled down too pool at his feet that were no longer holding him up, he was relying entirely on Gabe’s body weight as he pushed unprepared into him.


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plus, thku SO SO much
as you may know nalex has been a bit slow lately :/

so THNKU heaps for the add

ps. is it sick that my fave was the last one? xD

Thank you:) Well I purposely was trying to write as many of them Nalex as I could so I could post it to this community, since Nalex is my OTP I'd love for it to take off...

and it's only sick if it's sick that it was my favorite to write :D

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