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Lose Yourself, Lose Control

Title: Lose yourself, lose control.

Rating: NC-17
Part: 1/1
Paring: Nate/Alex
Summary: Sometimes you don’t realise you want something so much until you get it.
Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge this never happened though I have no way to find out such things but really it probably didn’t as much as I wish it did and I don’t own either of them they belong to themselves.
Author's Note: Title credit goes to Midtown. Felt the need to post something in celebration of the fact my copy of Hot Mess finally came today (fuck the UK (but I did get Griller yay!)) so celebration smut! This doesn’t have a plot, if I said it did I really would be lying, it’s pretty much pure boysexing. Comments and concrit are more than welcome:) Enjoy!


Nate can’t seem to remember how he got there or why he’s in Alex’s bedroom, sprawled over the other man’s bed, and when Alex rolls his hips against his, the reason flies through the open window along with all his coherent thoughts almost as fast as the moan that slips from his lips goes straight to Alex’s cock which is straining against the bassists already tight jeans. Nate curls his fingers into Alex’s hair and pulls his mouth towards his own, their lips meet in a sloppy, open mouthed kiss that is quickly abandoned because all Alex really wants to do is leave angry red bite marks across the younger mans collar bone and down his bare chest. There’s part of him that really wants Nate to remember this tomorrow morning or at least long enough for it to be blindly repeated because they can both already sense it’s going to be amazing. He kisses each imprint softly and lovingly after each harsh bite and Nate groans, thrusting his hips upwards, clawing desperately at the buttons on Alex’s shirt that he can reach.

“Just for a second,” Nate gasps, his breathing heavy he pushes Alex off of him so he can remove the offensive article of clothing, fumbling, his fingers both numb and surging with energy at the same time.

Alex smiles lustfully down at him, his eye lids heavy, he laughs and undoes the last few buttons that Nate is having trouble with so the younger boy can drag his fingers down the newly bare skin instead, his nails leaving red marks that make Alex hiss in pain.

“Fuck that’s hot,” Alex’s voice is low and he leans down to capture the drummers mouth with his own, their tongues meeting as Alex grabs hold of Nate’s hands, pulling them off his skin and pinning them above the younger man’s head with one hand, dragging the other through Nate’s dishevelled hair and quickly down his chest so he can flick open Nate’s jeans.

Somehow Alex manages to drag the jeans over Nate’s hips, squeezing his ass as his hand passes by making the other boy chuckle and moan into the heated kiss, and down his legs one handed, Nate trying to wriggle out of them and kick them off as best he can. He wishes his hands were free so he could pull off Alex’s own jeans but Alex takes care of this remarkably quickly on his own so soon it’s just the thin material of their boxers separating their skin, their erections sliding together as Nate wraps his legs around Alex’s waist, pulling the other man even closer. Alex groans and buries his head against Nate’s neck, tongue flicking across the skin as he lets go of Nate’s wrists so he can grasp the drummer’s hips and pull them against his own, his grip bruising the younger man’s skin. Nate’s head falls back against the pillow, his eyes rolling.

“Fuck Alex,” he gasps incoherently, biting his lip as Alex repeats the action, their cocks pressing against each other and suddenly the thin material just seems far too thick.

“Please,” Nate thrusts upwards, gripping Alex’s shoulders needily, unwrapping his legs from Alex’s waist so Alex can dip his fingers beneath the waistband of his underwear and remove it quickly. Nate finds himself with a few seconds where he’s only got his own hand to wrap around his cock as Alex pulls off his own boxers. Nate strokes himself a few times, watching Alex’s fluid movements before Alex slaps his wrist, grabbing his hand and once again pinning it above his head.

“No,” Alex whispers teasingly against Nate’s lips, running his other hand down Nate’s side and over his ass, fingers dipping between the cheeks and circling his hole making Nate shiver and push back against Alex’s hand.

A smile spreads itself across the older man’s lips at Nate’s neediness, the boy’s fingers threading themselves in Alex’s hair, pulling tightly when he decides to force two fingers inside Nate. They both hiss in pain though Nate mixes his with a moan because yes it hurts but fuck he never thought it would feel this good. Alex twists his fingers inside him, leaning down to kiss Nate as he arches his back, pushing back against Alex’s hand, forcing the bassist’s long fingers deeper. He slowly stretches Nate, listening carefully to the gasps that are warm and heavy against his lips, occasionally managing to press kisses too Nate’s open mouth. Alex lets go once again of the hand he’s pinned above Nate’s head so he can pull open the top drawer of the bedside cabinet and blindly search around for the condom packet. He can’t tear himself away from Nate long enough to look properly, the moans that are pouring from the younger mans mouth Alex thinks could make him come right there if they continue to get steadily louder as they seem to be doing.

Nate suddenly tips his head back letting out a particularly loud moan as Alex’s fingers brush a particular spot, revealing his already marked neck to Alex as his hand, the one that’s not inside Nate, grasps hold of the condom packet and fishes one out. He can’t resist leaving another mark in triumph, sucking harshly at a patch of clear skin just beneath Nate’s Adams apple. Nate reaches down and steals the condom from Alex’s hand, using his free hands to open it quickly before wrapping a hand around Alex’s erection, running his thumb running over the head. Alex groans against Nate’s skin, breaking away and pulling his fingers out of Nate before placing a kiss over the newly wounded skin. Nate gasps at the sudden loss of contact, spreading his legs wider as he rolls the condom over Alex’s cock, stroking the older man a few times before wrapping his arms around Alex’s neck. Alex put his hands behind Nate’s knees, lifting him up so he can hook his legs back round his waist, moving so his cock brushes against Nate’s ready entrance.

Nate pulls him down for a rough kiss, biting down on Alex’s bottom lip as he pushes up inside of him, filling him completely with one quick thrust. Nate’s mouth opens in one big perfect O and he presses his forehead against Alex’s, swallowing the bassist’s shallow breaths. Alex doesn’t wait too long before he begins moving, his hands on Nate’s hips, holding him steady as he snaps his hips, Nate’s heels digging into his back.

“Nate ,” Alex gasps as Nate pushes back against him.

He pushes his lips against the drummers in a bruising kiss, Nate’s cock sliding against his stomach with each thrust as he presses himself closer, drawing low mewls from Nate’s throat. He jerks his hips, slamming into Nate’s prostate, angling himself too hit that sweet spot again causing Nate to dig his nails deep into Alex’s back as he arches up against him, eyelids snapping shut.

Nate’s got a good chant going now, Alex’s name spilling repeatedly from his lips as his head is thrown back, dark hair falling across the white pillow and Alex thinks maybe this is the damn sexiest thing he’s ever seen and he must tell Nate this.

“Fuck, Alex please,” is all he gets in reply, desperation clear in his voice.

Alex thrusts harder into him and Nate opens his mouth in a silent scream.

“Just, Nate, oh fuck,” Alex lets out a strangled moan and moves a hand from Nate’s hip to wrap around his cock, stroking in time with his thrusts.

Both their bodies are covered in a light sheen of sweat as Nate shakes against Alex, he ends up screaming Alex’s name as he spills himself over Alex’s fingers, tightening around him, Alex pushes in a few more times, his mouth against Nate’s ear as he comes, whispering the filthiest things punctuated by Nate’s name, he comes hard in Nate, open-mouthed and panting.

Nate doesn’t move his legs from Alex’s waist straight away and Alex remains inside him, they lay listening to each other’s heavy breathing, warm against their skin, limbs entangled and heavy. Nate runs his fingers softly over Alex’s back; avoiding the scratches he’s left as Alex raises his head so their noses bump together as he leans into kiss Nate, slowly and almost lovingly.

Eventually Alex forces himself to pull away, pulling out of Nate slowly and discarding the condom. Muscles aching they clean up quickly before crawling underneath the covers, Nate entwining himself back in Alex’s arms, leaning up to kiss him before resting his head against his chest, Alex’s face buried in Nate’s hair, breathing in the familiar, soothing scent.


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And especially yay Nalex
This was awesome and I loved it and it was hot and yay <333333

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