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A Winters Day

Title:  A Winters Day

Rating: PG (purely for swears)
Pairing: Alex Suarez/Nate Novarro
Nate moves to a new city, some people are hostile, others are much more welcoming.

Disclaimer: This never happened. I don’t own anyone.
Author's Note: In a desperate attempt to reacquaint myself with my muse I wrote this (which was originally the start of a longer story but then didn’t fit as is the way). Anyway constructive crit and comments are always welcome! Enjoy:D


Nate shivered alone on his bench, he couldn’t ever remember being this cold but it was refreshing and new. His thin jacket did little to protect him from the weather and he knew he looked like an idiot coming out without any proper guard against the wind but he’d dreamt his whole life about living here and there was just something about sitting outside, feeling his lips chap in the cold that made him feel like he was really there. He smiled to himself though his cheeks ached to move and rubbed his hands together, staring out at the black trees and icy ground that where worth having to breathe in the freezing air that was making his lungs ice over. He breathed out, his warm breath misted and he caught a woman staring at him weirdly, it was the fifth person in the past half hour. It would have made him smile if his teeth weren’t chattering so badly. He watched the woman nudge the man next to her as his eyes watered, she discreetly pointed over at him, tilting her head upwards to whisper something in his ear. The man looked his way, catching Nate staring over; he wrapped an arm protectively around the woman’s waist, pulling her towards him. Nate almost laughed to himself at the reaction, shaking his head and watching the couple lose their focus on him as a man approached then holding coffee. Out of the corner of his eye he saw them point him out and he felt warm for a moment as a blush crept up his neck.

I’m just sitting on a bench for fucks sake,” he thought, blinking furiously to stop his eyes from watering any further.

Turning away from the strangely hostile couple all together he watched a woman walk her dog across the park all the while hoping the couple would be gone by the time he turned around. His ears where frozen and he actually couldn’t feel his ass anymore but he didn’t want to leave if they were still staring at him, they couldn’t think that they had scared him off. He counted the seconds that passed, wondering when it would be safe to look around again, he was concentrating so hard on not looking around at first he didn’t register the voice that came from his right but his ears probably weren’t working all too well anyway.

“Excuse me,” 

Nate didn’t turn around till the man speaking cleared his throat in an effort to get his attention.

“Hey,” the man in front of him smiled, Nate could see the couple still staring at him, well now at him and the man, from across the path.

Nate looked up at him, his tongue frozen in his mouth. The man was dressed for the weather, a thick black coat and scarf with gloves hiding long fingers but his eyes were warm, brown and warm behind thick framed glasses, far too friendly too belong to anyone who would be friends with the couple whose eyes were still boring holes into his skull. Nate could almost see the comforting fires lit inside those eyes, the man’s glasses a perfect fire guard.

“Uh, you looked really cold,” the man smiled awkwardly, “I thought you could do with some coffee,”

The man handed Nate the cardboard coffee cup he hadn’t noticed he’d been holding, Nate stared at it for a second hesitating out of shock more than anything.

“It’s completely untampered with don’t worry and if you don’t take it I’ll look like a fool so please?” The man inclined his head towards the couple behind him.

Nate took it carefully, his eyes still stuck on the mans.

“Thanks,” he replied slowly, his freezing fingers taking in the warmth soaking through the reinforced cardboard, the steam condensing on his lips.

“No problem,” the man smiled again, less awkwardly and began to turn away.

“What’s your name?” Nate asked before the man escaped.

The man turned back around, running a hand through his hair, “Alex.”

Nate nodded slightly, smiling, “I’m Nate.”

Alex smiled, bouncing on the balls of his feet slightly to keep warm, “cool, hey it was nice to meet you just remember to wear an actual coat out next time, I hear pneumonia isn’t fun.”

Rubbing his gloved hands together he gave Nate one last nod before turning away, jogging back to the couple who finally turned away from Nate.

Nate watched them leave the park, a warm feeling soaking into his stomach that wasn’t from the coffee.

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awwhh that was too effin cuuute!!!


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