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Love You To Death (+free smut)

Title: Love You To Death
Author: ilsea_leatita
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Boysex!
Parings: Nate/Alex
Summary: Alex is driving home for a family reunion when the voice of his high school love comes on the radio
Disclaimer: This never happened. I own nothing.
Author's Note: I have written two short stories and didn’t want to post them separately since the second is only 326 words and the first only 958 words. The first is based off of the song “Love You To Death” by Kill Hannah and the second is just boysex, to be honest I just liked the boysexing short I wrote and wanted to tack it onto the end of my vaguely legitimate story because I liked it so much. It’s kinda like here’s a short story, have some smut for free! Anyway comments and concrit and more than welcome enjoy!:D

Alex turned on his car radio; he had a long drive ahead of him as he headed home for a summer family reunion. Luckily the weather wasn’t bad, so it didn’t look like a difficult journey, just a rather boring one.

“Come on,” he muttered to himself, trying to find a half decent station to tune into.

As he flicked through the channels he caught the last few bars of a good song so decided to stick with the promising station for at least the beginning of his journey. A quick jingle that wasn’t too annoying played so things were looking hopeful as Alex flexed his fingers on the steering wheel.

The voice that started up with the next link sounded slightly familiar but Alex brushed this off, he must have just tuned into this station on this drive before, though the voice did ring more than one bell. He listened intently, racking his brains to try and remember when in his life he’d heard the voice before.


“There’s no way I can persuade you to stay?” Nate asked softly, staring out at the wide spread of sand in front of him.

“Nate, you know I’ve wanted this since I could vocalise how much I want this so please don’t try,” Alex plays with his shoe lace as he says this because he can’t bring himself to look at Nate, “because if anyone can make me stay it’s you.”

Nate sighed, closing his eyes and leaning back on the sand, “don’t tempt me, when it comes down to it I’d feel so guilty if I stopped you anyway.”

He reached out to wrap his hand around Alex’s wrist, running his fingers across his pulse, his short nails and callused fingertips making Alex let out a shuddering sigh as the soft summer breeze blew his hair in his eyes. He pulled himself out of Nate’s grip and laid down on his side next to the other boy, leaning over him he pressed a simple kiss to Nate’s lips. Drawing away only slightly he let his breath ghost over Nate’s mouth.

“I don’t want to leave you, please remember that, I-I love you, you know that but young love never lasts anyway, we’d grow apart, it’s better this way, we can just remember this,” Alex caressed Nate’s cheek and tried to kiss his lips but Nate turned away so he only got his cheek.

“I love you to death,” Nate said, his annoyed tone ruining what could have been far more romantic, “and you’re ruining our last fucking moments.”

“I’m just saying, most people don’t stay together after high school,” Alex muttered, closing his eyes in frustration.

“That’s because of college, not because they don’t love each other,” Nate turned back to face Alex, glaring angrily.

“Nate,” Alex sighed leaning backwards slightly but keeping his eyes on Nate’s, “people change, they grow up, they grow apart, they don’t stay together.”

“So you don’t think we’d stay together?” Nate turned on his side so he was facing Alex properly and fixing him with a glare.

“I don’t-“Alex sighed again, closing his eyes for a moment, collecting his thoughts before he turned back to Nate, “I don’t know, maybe we would, maybe we wouldn’t, I’m kind of glad we don’t have to find out-“

Nate made to get up but Alex grabbed hold of his arm and pulled him back down to sit on the sand.

“-I like to think we would stay together of course, fuck it, if everything was always going to be this way, as we are now, I’d want to spend the rest of my life with you but we might change, I mean we already want different things.”

Nate stared out to sea, his face expressionless.

“It doesn’t mean I don’t love you, I do, you know that,” Alex wrapped an arm around his boyfriend and leant his head against Nate’s temple, his breath ghosting the other boy’s ear.

Nate shrugged, his eyes not moving from the sea. Alex wrapped his other arm around him, pulling him into a hug.

“I love you to death,” he whispered smiling into Nate’s ear, laughing slightly.

Nate smiled half heartedly at this so Alex took this chance to kiss him. Nate’s eyes snapped shut as Alex pressed their lips together, treading his fingers through Nate’s hair so the other boy couldn’t pull back. They only had one more week together before Alex left and he didn’t want Nate to spend the whole time subdued and distant, he wanted a week filled with slow, familiar, tender kisses and that smile Nate had that didn’t come around all too often but when it did it took Alex’s breath away, he wanted to be able to remember this first love as something really special and amazing that would always stay that way. He pushed Nate back in the sand, deepening the soft kiss as Nate slipped his arms around Alex’s neck and pulled him closer, bunching his fingers gently in the material of Alex’s shirt.


Alex sighed at the memory and smiled at the empty road ahead of him and the sunset as the familiar voice on the radio of his childhood sweetheart said something that really made him glad he was going home.

“Okay so this week, each presenter at this station has, as I’m sure you regular listeners have noticed, been asked to pick their own summer song to play. Now mine isn’t very summery but it always makes me think of my last high school summer, the beach and someone who I hope got all they wanted from leaving Florida,”

The opening of Kill Hannah’s “Love you to death” started up, Alex recognised it instantly and couldn’t help but smile.

This was by far the best tour they’d ever been on in Alex’s opinion. They were playing great together, the kids were amazing, no one had gotten sick yet but best of all Nate had drunkenly crawled into his bunk on the third night and hadn’t moved back to his own yet and they were half way through the tour already , it was going too quickly for Alex’s liking.

“Fuck Nate,” Alex groans, his fingers threading in the drummers hair.

The air in Alex’s coffin bunk was boiling, the sweat coating Alex’s forehead slicked his hair over his eyes and he silently thanked himself for the 7 inch fan he’d added to his bunk. Nate rests a hand on Alex’s hip, pressing his thumb against the bone as he swallows around Alex’s length, legs bent, curled up at the bottom of Alex’s bunk as he takes Alex deeper, his eyes closed, throat relaxed.

Alex throws his head back, his breath hitching when Nate hollows his cheeks and there’s something so simple but amazing about Nate’s tongue that causes Alex to let out the moan that Nate has come to recognise as a signal, he pulls away slightly so he won’t gag but swallows as he strokes Alex’s hip with his thumb and catches most of it, only having to wipe the corner of his mouth, he’s had plenty of practise in the last week or so.

Nate kisses up Alex’s chest before he reaches the bassists mouth, making him taste himself as their fingers intertwine. Alex’s fingers are still in Nate’s hair, holding him close so when he pulls away just enough so he can talk, Nate stays where he is.

“This is by far the best tour we’ve ever done,” Alex keeps his eyes closed as he speaks, concentrating on Nate’s breath on his lips, it’s just the right temperature.

Nate just kisses him in response but slightly slower, slightly more tender than before.

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I really liked it, both parts. Boysex will never be denied and the break-up was just ;~; It was lovely, even if it was short.

Thank you:) It's good news that boysex with never be denied don't know what I'd do if it was!!! Thank you for the lovely comment:)

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